Leander Youth Soccer

Leander Youth Soccer–

Registration for the weekend of December 13-14 has been cancelled due to family illness. Sorry for any inconvenience. Continue to register by mail, or come join us in January! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!

Registration for the Spring 2015 season, beginning in early March, will be held at the Leander Public Library on the weekends of December 13-14, January 24-25 and February 7-8–Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon and Sundays from 2-5 p.m. You may also register by mail. See the registration page for more information.

Congratulations to the U-15 Rattlers, the U-12 Rattlers and their coaches for their excellent seasons and advancement to the CAYSA Championships! Congratulations to the U-13 Bazinga and coaches for advancing to the Western District Tournament! The tournament will be at WCRP on December 6-7. Check here for updates on their schedule.

Hope you are enjoying the season! Please note the following rules of behavior during the remainder of the season:

1.) Respect the referees at all times. Treat the youth referees in the same manner as you would have others treat your children. If you are a spectator, you should direct any concerns about the referees to your coach. If you are a coach, your should share referee concerns with league officials. It is never ok to enter the field during the game without referee permission.

2.) Respect the coaches and league volunteers at all time. These people are unpaid and spend their time to help your children. Be sure to thank them and offer to assist them. Unless your child is injured or your coach has asked you to come over, please do not go to the team side of the field during games (U-8 and above).

3.) We need volunteers to help with the spring season! If you have seen something that needs improvement and you are willing to offer your time and efforts to make those improvements, we would love to have you as a volunteer for the spring season! We especially need referees, coaches, and volunteers to help with registration. E-mail gjserna@netscape.net if you are interested. See the link below to take the referee clinic!

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We need referees! If you are interested in becoming a certified referee, please consider attending an upcoming referee clinic. See http://www.stsr.org/AvailableClinics.aspx (be sure to scroll down) to register or for more details.